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Truelander Dreams sponsors various projects. A portion of proceeds of many of these projects are returned to Truelander Dreams to help support our goals.
If you wish to support Truelander Dreams, follow the link below, purchase one of these books, and spread the word to all your friends and family.
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Current projects:
"Movin' On"
Everyone has heard that little voice in their head... don't stop just move on...
Some live to regret not listening to that inner voice!
"Love & Security"
What would you do to have security in life?  To prove your love?
Kyle must consider both or lose everything!
"America's 25 issues to fix and make The United States great, again!"
Everywhere people sit and talk about America's problems... which there are many!
But if we started with these 25 America could be great, again.
"The Miller/Romero Connection:
Was Mad Max The Survivor Of The Zombie Holocaust?"
A true fan's interpretation of the films... end of the world and the aftermath.
Suggesting a possible connection, what if Max's world was the result of a Zombie outbreak?
"Abraham Lincoln, a quick look at number 16"
Just some basic facts and trivia about our 16th President.
"Some Civil War Tidbits"
Just some basic trivia and info from the Civil War
"More Civil War Tidbits"
Even more facts and trivia from the civil war.
"Civil War Era Terms and Words"
A very basic outline of common words, terms, and phrases.
Truelander Dreams is currently compiling a selection of PDF eBooks available for download.  These are geared towards business, writing, photography, filmmaking...  Just a small collection of the material that is available.  As with everything Truelander Dreams recommends your research thoroughly before diving into any project... Perhaps these resources can offer a little direction!
Thank you from all of us at Truelander Dreams.
“I do not over-intellectualize the production process. I try to keep it simple: Tell the damned story.”
Tom Clancy



















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