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Dream of starting your own business? 

Looking at perhaps a franchise?


 It can be very confusing to sort through all the information.  Trying to get financing, creating business plans, getting demographic reports, licensing/permits, and the list goes on. Well, here is what may be considered some helpful resource locations, to start your research in the prospect of owning your own business.

 Now keep in mind each state may have different laws or regulations so you will need to do further research.  A good location would be the Secretary of State office for your particular location.

But to get you started...

Ever thought of franchising?  Millions of companies offer the opportunity to own and run a business.  The companies are retail, dining, customer service, vending, manufacturing, and more... It all depends on what you are looking for.

But here are just a few sites geared towards franchises...

An interesting article for the newly business minded...

This is a good article from the above site.

These may offer some decent tips and such

 This is a government site, it is most likely the best as far as information and guidelines…

Here are a couple of sites you may find of interests... geared towards business plans and such.  Some of them are pay for their services, but they offer some good general free info... just something to help you research and get a better grasp of your business needs.

Charity startup information

Website for business startup

For the patent and copyright… you may want to read these carefully to see what applies.

There are literally millions of sites out there.  I listed just a few to perhaps provide you with a little bit of guidance to follow your own dreams.   As with any undertaking it is best to fully research and study before starting anything.  Consult with professionals in the field and even join a chat group geared towards your chosen interest, this will ensure you have the most accurate information.  One should carefully weigh the pros and cons, only then when you are fully prepared should you follow through with your venture...

So as you can see there are several opportunities out there if you are willing to try!


"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?"

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