1:6 Military Action Figures



  Are you a collector?

You remember a time when things were only as dangerous as your imagination?

  This is for the collector, the one who still dreams of the kid in all of us.  There was a time when all you needed was to have an imagination and you could create entire worlds, battles, and hours of adventures.  This was of course, before the computer became popular and all this was created for you in a virtual world.  All over the world there are adult collectors who still enjoy the hobby of 1:6 scale models, the classic 12 inch action figure.

Here I have listed many sites that are dedicated in some way or another to the art of those Action Figures...
These are not listed in any special order, just placed here for you to peruse and maybe find something you have been searching for...
Happy Hunting
As with anything, one should be careful when ordering through the internet.  Check out the companies and make sure you are comfortable with them before making any purchases.  You can often use the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) to check and make sure they are on good standing.
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